Yoga Center

Yoga Center "Yoga On Call" Introduces  Yoga Studio at 335, Niti Khand -2, Indirapuram.
While there are many benefits of home yoga practice as individual attention is rendered as per one's specific needs, it iis equally important not to overlook the benefits that group yoga can bring to our lives. People work long hours throughout the week, leaving a very little time to spare time for family, friends and tending to their own needs. Many people begin to feel disconnected. Yoga classes are a wonderful way for people to socialize and be amongst the other like-minded people, creating a sense of community. In a group yoga class, people feel connected to one another, as they tap into the energy of the whole group.

Moreover it is economical too!!!

The center is equipped with the following facilities

Air Conditioned Yoga Hall

As per your own convenience following packages can be opted:

* 5 Days/week - Suitable for people working for weight loss, quick results - Rs 2000/month
* Weekend batch (Sat,Sun) - Suitable for people who don't have time in week days, quick results - Rs 1200/month
* Therapeutic Session - Single or few sessions for help in treatment of specific disease. - Rs 400/session
* Inaugural, Referal and group discount available
General Guidelines
* Class duration will be 45- 50 minutes.
* Participants can join on any day of the month.
* Sessions cover Diet Consulation & Yogic Lifestyle too
* Participants are advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing for sessions
* We recommend not eating 2.30 to 3 hours prior to sessions