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Prachi Shukla   (Human Resources, ACS India Human Resources Team: NOIDA )

Session feedback was very positive. All employees who have attended yoga sessions were very happy and mailed me to conduct such sessions frequently.

Ali   (Human Resources, Reliance ADA)

It could not have been better. Very beneficial and we cherish the session.

Khushbu   (Human Resources, IBN7)

I take this opportunity to thank you for conducting the HEALTHY HEART yoga session in our organization on the occasion of World Heart's Day. The feedback that we got from our participants was extremely positive and we look forward to organizing such insightful workshops with you again.

Monica   (Human Resources, TATA AIG)

We thank you for providing our employees a wonderful experience of the magical powers of Yoga.



Anjan Mazumdar    (Vice President, Hindustan Times)

"With my involvement of Yoga classes with 'Yoga on Call' . My lifestyle changed . I have improved on discipline as far as my life style is concerned I along with my wife have a better health condition . I have following benefits with 'Yoga On Call' "


* My instructors are all qualified.
* The instructors modify my Asanas as per my health requirement.
* The instructors are knowledgeable and the brief us well on various health aspect .& why each asana should be practiced .
* The instructors are very focussed on the process of Asanas.
* The instructors are also very punctual.
* If required the give alternative time slots .

Overall it has been a extremely satisfying experience.


Aman Nanda  (Sr. Vice President, Times Innovative Media Ltd.)

I have been practicing Yoga with YogaonCall for over two years now. When I started, I use to have severe back pains. YogaonCall understood my problem and developed a customized program which has helped me overcome by lower back pains. I now have a more stronger and flexible body, my posture has improved and more importantly I feel positive and energetic. YogaonCall has very knowledgeable teachers who design the yoga exercises according to your needs and requirements. I have seen benefits not only from physical exercises but also from breathing and meditation techniques taught by their teachers.



Rupa Chakarbotry  (School Teacher, NOIDA)

Yoga On Call has been a self-actualisation exercise for me. I have been with them since the past 3 years and it has been a life changing experience. I joined them around 3 years back as stress was catching up fast, work-life balance was a far cry! Yoga On Call and its wonderful band of instructors make an effort to know their clients very well, customize their approach to suit individual needs. It worked wonderfully for me, I started feeling better and was a transformed person within less than 6 months. I felt fitter, more active, energized and most importantly, high on life!! Yoga has now become an integral part of my life so much so I start getting withdrawal symptoms if I miss my classes even for a day. I also have relished the added bonus of losing inches in the process.



Madhrekshna  (Student)

The world of Yoga is truly memorizing and Yoga on Call helped me to learn and discover more about this . I started Yoga because I had a problem in my height. I am in class six and I was the shortest in my class. But after some professional training from my devotional teacher Kanta Prasad I finally achieved my dream. Now I am not the tallest but I have the height of a healthy eleven year old. I am very happy with the services Yoga on Call is providing..