Home Yoga on Call

Practising at home can be tremendously beneficial because it allows a person to plan the exercise routine as suited to their own specific needs. When you're attending a class of twenty students, it's challenging for a teacher to help every person. Your needs will be different from the person exercising besides you. A home practice allows you to move at your own pace, and create a practice that best supports your needs at that moment; this is especially helpful for persons practicing with to work out on some specific area or looking for yoga benefits for any specific disease or persons having any injuries or physical limitations. For those of us who are very busy and have schedules that do not permit us to get to a yoga class, a home practice is a perfect solution. There isn't any travelling time involced to travel to and fro from a yoga studio, or waiting time for a class - you decide when to start and how long your practice will be. Instructor will come to your home at your convenient time.

The benefits of learning yoga one on one is that you can progress further more quickly by practicing postures and the breathing exercises at your own pace.


Charges for Home classes will depend on the following factors:

  • Time of class (Evening classes are usually discounted)
  • Frequency of class (no. of times/week)